Understanding M/WBEs - A perspective from an M/WBE

As demand for M/WBE services increase from both the public and private sectors, more needs to be understood about the capacity of small minority businesses to effectively scale. This Survey seeks the response from M/WBE Business Owners S about their reflections supplying services. The responses will feed into the development of a comprehensive strategy that assists M/WBEs to scale.

The Survey is sponsored by Better Local Business Agency and Harlem Commonwealth Council. The information supplied will be treated confidentially. You can however elect to be contacted by Better Local Business Agency to review your responses and to explore options for assisting your company.  

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Vision and Values - My company has a clear vision of who we are and where we want to be, and, have stated Values that regulate behavior and defines the way we work *

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Financial Controls - My company has good financial controls for effective planning and management of our entire business. *

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Staff - My company views staff as the most crucial component for operating a successful business and ensure they are properly recruited, paid, developed and motivated to maximize their potential. *

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Service Delivery - My company delivers on-time, on-budget and acceptable quality services backed by productive and efficient back office with effective processes and control systems. *

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Use of Technology - My company adopts the use of technology effectively throughout all aspect of our operations. *

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