1) Considering past experiences in New York City with both prime contractors and city agencies how do you feel about the bid process within the construction industry? *

2) In reference to Q1: What is good about the process? *

3) In reference to Q1: What could be improved regarding the current process? *

4) What inefficiencies do you think exist in the current bid process? *

5) What are the general steps to respond to a request for proposal? *

6) Please list the key points of contact (internal and external) that are typically involved with responding to a request for proposal? *

7) Which key points of contact are most important in the bid process? *

8) Which key points of contact are least important in the bid process? *

9) What factors do you believe are most helpful in winning an award? *

10) In reference to Q9: Thinking about previous successful bids, what additional tools would have been useful to your firm in executing the bid? *

11) In reference to Q10: If applicable, how are the tools listed important to improving execution performance? *

12) What do you believe prevents your firm from winning more bids? *

13) When unsuccessful on a bid, what factors do you believe prevented your firm from moving forward in the process? *

14) What information is most helpful to your firm when developing more business relationships? *

15) Is your firm aware of New York City public utilization targets? For reference, the law and targets (contained in Section 6-129 of the New York City Administrative Code) establish programs to enhance participation by historically underrepresented businesses in key industries. *

16) In reference to Q15: Do you think the law and targets are helpful to firms and businesses or a hindrance (please respond “not applicable” if you were unaware of the law)? *

17) Approximately how many projects have you worked on in the last two calendar years? *

18) In reference to Q17: How many different prime contractors did you work with across each project? *

19) How old is your firm? *

If other, precise:

20) How many full time employees did you employ for calendar year 2016? *

21) Please choose the estimated annual revenue of your firm for calendar year 2016 *