Using Odoo simple and intuitive design for non-technicals

Bring your staff and sub-constractors together in a powerful collaborative environment - reducing time delays and costly errors


Keep track of deadlines and progress of your projects with a clear overview.


Easily check your team's planning and reschedule to keep within your deadlines.

Project Analysis

Keep a good overview of your workload and of the status of individual tasks.

Task Management

Assign tasks to internally or externally to sub-contractors - with improved collaboration to improve delivery

Change Orders Management

Now you can add and track change orders with ease - see all cost elements quickly and in real time

Timesheets Integration

Use mwbeCLOUD mobile app to track employee time and location for added control and cost management

Profitability Analysis

Understand more clearly project performance with instant profit or loss analysis

Variance Analysis

Spot problems and trends on how project costs are managed - with clear price and usage variances

AIA Billing

Produce and automatically generate AIA formated Billing with Certificate and Schedules

Forecast needs & resources

Project performance and employee's availability

Schedule your teams across projects taking employees' holidays into account. Plan ahead for upcoming projects with forecasts based on comparable projects and estimate deadlines more accurately. Compare forecasts with real timesheets for increased profitability.

AIA Billing ready with Certificate and Schedules

Produce and generate AIA Billing Certificate and Schedule quickly and easily

With Project Manager P1, you can quickly build your schedules and Certificate directly from Project and Task data.Integrate AIA billing directly into your Accounting Module to track receivables so cashflow is maximized. One system that does it ALL!

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