PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. Many small businesses have traditional telephone systems fixed to their office locations. Those systems perform basic functions such as, transferring a call  between phones in the office, out of hours voicemail and so on.

MyPBX releases your business from a fixed location and opens up a world of possibilities to route calls to one or more mobile phones, to have multiple lines at a fraction of the cost of traditional lines, to route calls intelligently to departments, to enable in call extension dialing, to integrate voicemail to emails, to view stored voicemails online 24/7.

Connect your physical and virtual staff together

Imagine, the back office tasks that you are not good at doing being outsourced to a prefessional team that is under your control. 

  • Dial your MY vpStaff using internal telephone directories
  • Send instructions to team members - e.g. Order materials or raise an important invoice
  • My vpStaff could include Invoicing, Credit Control, Book Keeping, Accounting and more
  • All staff is connected to a single system giving full visibility to all transactions