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Steadman Parking Services improves operations management using mwbeCLOUD's Odoo ERP

Steadman Parking is a New York City based traffic management company, providing flagging and parking services to Utility, General Contractors and communication companies. 

In 2015, the company realized it needed to more effectively manage its job management operations, with up to 50 Jobs per day and 100 field based staff, and, track completed jobs in order to invoice customers on time.

BLBA reviewed SPS's processes over a 3-months period, recommending the implementation of the Sales, Projects and Accounting modules. However, although the implementation was successful, BLBA had to provide extensive support to staff that lacked the necessary skills to transition from a paper based system to one that was fully digital and cloud based.

Over 18 months, the company significantly improved its job management processes, reducing billing times to a fraction of the original time, collaboration between site staff and back office staff, enabled remote and home working to the extent that all task performed in the main office could be done remotely via the mwbeCLOUD. Additionally, SPS was able to gain better insights and intelligence into its operations due to the mwbeCLOUD's ability to connect SPS with its cloud based data using Microsoft Access and Excel to build local bespoke reports and planning models.

Success factors: Management Buy in, Disciplined and committed implementation, people development, mentoring and coaching, maintaining a strong onsite presence.

TMI and Partners increase Sales using mwbeCLOUD's Odoo ERP

TMI and partners is a multi-services company based in Queens, NYC. The company has a national reach and routinely manages teams of independent Business Advisors.

The company needed a single platform to manage Business Advisors across the US, and relationships with prospective clients.

Better Local Business Agency reviewed TMI's needs and agreed to provide a comprehensive CRM solution through the mwbeCLOUD's Odoo ERP Platform.

With online based training to senior staff, TMI was able to deploy a nationwide CRM client management system and to track the workflow its Business Advisors whether they worked from home or on the go using mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

Additionally, TMI also implemented a complete communications suite with Auto Attendant and Interactive Voice Management using mwbeCLOUD’s PBX system. This technology enabled TMI to service clients, 24/7, with out of hours voicemail digitally routed to emails.

Following implementation of mwbeCLOUD’s Odoo ERP system, TMI and Partners have full visibility of all opportunities and routinely organizes marketing campaigns more effectively with increased successful outcomes – all from the mwbeCLOUD.

Success factors: Management Buy-in, Commitment, embracing change.

Thomson and Company refines client management using mwbeCLOUD Odoo CRM

Thompson and Company is certified public accountants firm and consultants. The firm needed a solution that integrated client management, with invoicing and accounting applications.

One of the technical team at Better Local Business Agency, was able to map Thompson's existing process flow and configure Odoo ERP to support a new and dynamic system for Thompsons.

With a new level of capability, Thompson plans to build a network of Associates across a dispersed geographic area in New York

TR Bricks transition to cloud based construction management system with mwbeCLOUD's Odoo ERP

TR Bricks is a growing construction company based in Houston, Texas. The firm needed a solution that managed the construction site tasks and the back office processes in a seamless manner.

Senior staff understood that technology was a big part of the solution and so embraced it as a critical change component.

Using the mwbeCLOUD’s Odoo Project Management module, a support team was able to deploy a new construction management module tailored specifically for construction based trades.

TR Bricks is now integrating Purchasing, HR, Sales and Accounting modules, along with an integrated mobile application to manage site workers’ timesheets.

TR Bricks is transforming its business; reducing invoice processing times, improving collaboration between back office and site staff, automating purchasing tasks so they are aligned with job site requirement and lead times.

The company is now more aware of project costs and profitability with the ability to track direct costs, overheads and variances, at a task and project levels.

Success factors: Management Buy-in, commitment to change, embracing enabling technology

Water Station Technology

Water Station Technology is a West Coast based designer and manufacturer of bottleless water stations that are environmentally friendly and healthy.

WST needed a solution to grow there direct sales force across the US and to improve the tracking sales officer performance.

Working through TMI and Partners, the lead Consultant to WST, the mwBeCLOUD Team was able to create a bespoke solution that fully integrated a national sales team with the Odoo CRM, Sales and Marketing Modules.